How to Get a 5 on the AP Biology Exam

In order to get a high score on the AP biology exam, you will need to study a select number of specific topics that appear on the test.
The best way to maximize your score is to get a hold of an AP study book that gives you all the topics covered by the AP. The most comprehensive and consise study guide is the CliffsAP AP Biology (3rd edition), which retails for 16.99$ at any book store such as Borders Bookstore.
Get a copy of CliffsAP AP Biology, and read through the introduction in order to understand the format of the test. The Cliffs guide is split into 14 topics, each of which makes up anywhere from four to ten percent of the multiple choice questions.

Read through one section of the book at a time. Once you have read the topic, go back and reread, making notes short of the most important information, vocabulary, and main concepts. Then go ahead and do the review questions at the end of the topic chapter.

If you split up the work and do just two topics per day (each one takes up about 5 pages), then the entire AP syllabus will have been covered in just seven days!

Once you have finished the subject reviews, go ahead and take one of the practice tests. The CliffAP book includes two complete practice tests. Score your practice test, and take note of what questions you found particularly challenging.

After finishing all the chapters, you will have made a whole set of comprehensive notes that are shorter than the actual book’s text. Reread your notes from beginning to end, and perhaps draw out diagrams illustrating certain concepts again.

Take notes again on the chapters that contain material that you struggled the most with. Taking notes and writing key information will help solidify concepts important for the AP test in your mind.

Take the other AP practice test and record the difference from the first to the second. There should be a significant difference if you solidified concepts that you struggled with previously.

Take note that to get a 5 on the AP, you generally will only need to get 60 percent of the 100 multiple choice correct, so 60 questions.

The day before the AP exam, re read the notes that you made while reading through the subject review. Make some flashcards of the most important concepts, and draw diagrams where needed. Visual learning can help reinforce information.

Good luck on the exam!

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